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Call iWay Technology to handle your challenging website upgrades and extensions, or for aggressive new development. Whether for e-commerce setups (shopping cart creation/expansion, credit card processing), new data capture at your site, or even complex data presentation, call iWay.

Or, if you need integration with other sites, web services, or application integration, we'll help you define or finalize requirements, and create high-performance solutions quickly, correctly.

Top-Down, Full-Breadth Perspective -- Right-Sized Results

iWay Technology, LLC, is an Internet-marketplace technology and business consulting and contracting firm. We're unique with expertise in both the business and technology sides of software.  We've made Internet-based solutions our specialty.

Experience allows iWay to tackle all phases from market analysis and requirements definition to functional specification, to design and implementation. But this linear picture can hide complexities in the task. Beyond iterative engineering processes, there's competitive analysis, market positioning and communications, pricing, sales training, documentation, user training, and other issues project-to-project. In the end, you're assured of a solution well-fitted to your requirements and your organization. That's right-sizing.

Consider: If all of the above aren't on your radar, you might need some help. iWay Technology is a sure bet to get you started; to get it done.

Technologically Grounded

Please don't mistake this breadth for lack of depth in technical skill and experience -- recent work demonstrates otherwise. And while iWay's run the gamut of development efforts, here's a sampling of areas of design and development expertise -

  • Object-Oriented Design & Development with C++ and Java,
  • Design Patterns,
  • Principles of GUI Design & Development,
  • Web Services,
  • Relational Database Design,
  • Multi-threaded and Multi-processing Services.

iWay's GUI design and development expertise includes traditional programming tools plus HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.  Like most results-oriented developers, we recognize the benefits of using the right tool for the task.  For example, we've even found benefit in implementing the Model-View-Controller Pattern in JavaScript on a couple of projects!  (Listen - this makes a highly interactive web-based interface with none of the burdens of Java Applets - long downloads, virtual machine issues, browser versions, etc.)

Platform experience includes Unix (including Solaris and Linux), and Microsoft Windows.

Software Business Savvy

Here's a short list of experience and cross-functional roles -

  • Contracts - deal structure, intellectual property issues, financial details (caps and floors, royalties and buyouts), contingency planning.
  • Sales management - training, motivation, incentives, support.
  • Personnel Management - hiring/firing, team-building, compensation/rewards, career management.
  • Departmental Management - planning, budgeting, project prioritization and realignment, project-group conflict resolution.

Over the last few decades, the business of Software as changed dramatically. But its fundamental elements remain the same -

  • Products and projects must blend the three elements of functionality, timeline, and quality,
  • Partnering improves time to market, but choose partners carefully to protect against compromises in project control and financial rewards, and
  • Risk management in development projects is as much an art as a science.

These fundamentals highlight the importance of partnering with broadly experienced professionals like iWay Technology ... call today!.


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