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Got Enterprise Application plans on your horizon?  Or on your back?  Too much uncertainty in your schedule?  Timeline issues?  Team understaffed?  Overworked?  Under-prepared?

If these things trouble you, call iWay Technology today to help get your plans on track.

iWay Technology's Chief Architect John Thompson represents an association of true software-industry veterans well prepared to make your mission-critical E-Cat/Integration Software plans succeed.

Thompson explains his philosophy behind his decades of successful software enterprises -

"Technological initiatives exist in a larger context of people, products and customers.  And market forces will exert their pressure over the course of implementation.

"iWay Technology can embrace this constellation of factors - opposing and reinforcing - in each phase of business and technical analysis, architecture, and implementation, right up through rollout. In this way, your priorities are refined and upheld as robust solutions emerge."

[TRANSLATION: It's a complex world. Things happen. We understand and accommodate.]

Software vets know - as software has matured, since its early days, the hallmarks of success remain the same - 

iWay's innumerable past successes stand as proof of our attention to these simple yet foundational principles.

But there's no doubt, a big part of iWay's success for its customers is a depth of knowledge and understanding of the business of software (see Specialties).

Great teams can craft great works, but crafting the team is a requisite first step.  Your success may hinge on a few key players.  Will they have the right experience, the right vision, the right judgment to succeed?

Let iWay Technology bring the experience necessary to make sure your solutions are ... built to travel the information superhighway.tm


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